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Colony counter semi-automatic bacteria testing equipment the number of bacteria tester counter capacity: 0 ~ 999

First, an overview
XK97-A type colony counter is a kind of digital display semi automatic bacteria test instrument. It consists of counter, probe pen and counting cell. Counter using CMOS IC design and manufacture. The depth of black background counting pool, using energy-saving annular fluorescent lamp side illumination, clear contrast colony. In accordance with the provisions of rules for the inspection of bacterial count, instrument display design for the number three, when a Petri dish in the mycelia growth of more than 300, the test sample dilution reprocessing, to ensure the accuracy of counting. The utility model can reduce the labor intensity of the workers and improve the work efficiency and work quality. Products are widely used in food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, biological products, sanitary products, drinking water, industrial waste, the number of bacteria in clinical specimens. At all levels of health and epidemic prevention station, environmental monitoring, food hygiene supervision and inspection, the hospital, the necessary equipment and biological products, drugs and food factory, chemical factory and tertiary institutions, scientific research units of the laboratory.

Two, the main parameters
· counter capacity: 0 ~ 999
· light source lamp power: 16W
· total power consumption: < 20W
· power supply voltage: 220V± 10%, 50Hz
· volume: 280× 230× 90
· weight: 2kg

Three, the use of methods
A. The power supply is switched on, toggle switch counting pool lights, display “ 001”, the jack of pen plug is inserted into the instrument, press the &ldquo key to zero reset; ” the instrument enters into the working state.
B. put in the dish to be seized.
C. uses a probe to count all the colonies at the bottom of the culture dish. Each point of a &ldquo should be heard; Du ” sound was effective, otherwise should focus on. At this point, the point of the colony was marked with color, showing the number of automatic accumulation.
D. with a magnifying glass carefully check to confirm that the number is not missing, counting is completed.
The number in the E. display is the number of colonies in the culture dish.
F. record the number and take out the culture dish. Press “ reset ” key, enter the initial state of the screen.

Four, matters needing attention
A. instruments should be placed on a flat, solid table.
B. points colony, probe pen not too tilted, gently point to have a sense of bounce, the number is input.


C. The instrument should be moisture proof, severe vibration, prevent direct sunlight exposure and anti acid erosion, with added after the dust cover.

D. pay attention to prevent bacterial culture contamination counting pool.
E. instruments and probe can not be arbitrarily removed. If the fault is found, please experienced technicians to repair.