Wireless GPS signal detector scanner CC308+

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Product features:

Multiple ways to detect hidden shots 

Can detect wireless lenses with a radio frequency detection function

Can be scanned with the naked eye to detect various lenses through red highlights

Detection frequency range can be up to 1mhz-6.5ghz

Can effectively detect wireless wired cameras

Wireless detection of a variety of prompt functions: voice prompt, vibration prompt, LED indicator light prompt

Can be connected to the headset, with a more hidden way to detect

Wireless signal strength indication, fast localization signal source

Sensitivity of detection can be adjusted

Built - in rechargeable lithium battery. Lasts 5 hours

Volume is very small and very portable 

Technical parameters:

Detection frequency range: 1mhz-6.5ghz

Size: 65mm X 48mm X15mm

Antenna length: 123mm

Power: built-in 3.7v 500mA

Charging voltage: 5-6VDC

Consumption current: within 100mA

Product packaging contents: Host 1 X 1

One X 1 charger

Product application: 

Video scanning CCD and CMOS lens contain wire and wireless, including camera equipment such as mobile phone lens, digital camera, and camera. It also has a high sensitivity detection function for remote monitoring of voice equipment based on GSM signal. 

The operation is simple and green environmental protection equipment has no negative effect on people and things beautiful appearance, aluminum alloy shell, small size, lightweight, easy to carry.

There is a small compass under the front of the product, for the blue background, easy to indicate direction, suitable for the needs of professionals; Built-in rechargeable lithium battery. Can be used for about 5 hours continuouslySmall size and lightweight:

Size: 63*47*14MM, weight: 50g 

1) no distant signal;Its application references.

2) have distant signals;Judgment way: all pull out the antenna, mobile handheld probe, a vibration, lighting or voice prompt, please adjust the antenna length until the remaining section (detection sensitivity and the distance from the source) associated with the length of the antenna, such as in space, the distance of two or more places more than 3 m locations have the same tips, and more close to the window, vibration more apparent, can be identified as signals from afar.  

In such an environment, V120 is applied as follows:1) take back all the antennas. At this time, the prompt of the detector is only limited to the prompt within 50 cm of the transmitting source, and the interference of the remote signal will be automatically cleared. Please take back the antenna handheld detector.

2) in this kind of space with external signal distribution, when you are wary of external personnel and objects, please hit the vibration frequency, put it in your pocket, and walk by or near the objects, you can perceive with vibration.

3) the strict distinction between mobile phone signals and other signals is the biggest feature of this device. When the user is used to prevent bad applications of mobile phones, there is no need to move. As long as the detector is turned on, there is light (vibration frequency) or light + sound prompt. 

One situation is that the user arrives in a non-regular, uncertain place and space, a hotel room, a singing hall or massage room, a place for consumption, a place for tea bar talks and so on. Because there is no opportunity to do background detection, users use it correctly as needed. 

1) if the content of the conversation is leaked through the mobile phone terminal, please turn on the device antenna for only one section of length. If there is no light flashing, there is no mobile phone in working state, or the environment monitoring device without GSM network technology.

2) if the room or massage room has time and space to complete the use of the fixed place, please follow the use method of the fixed place.

3) if there is no space and time in advance to prevent, please don't use under the condition of the antenna (antenna fullback), personnel and the table around a week of the talks, if there is vibrating alert, wireless or listening devices work shows that, in order to ensure safety, please set aside a section, the antenna according to the above method again, if you have any tips, please users to change the meeting room.

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