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📣 Free Shipping Today Only 📣
📣 Free Shipping Today Only 📣

Color: Blue

1. Perfect science education
Perfect as a gift for your family, friends, children, classmates and your own science education.
2. Good Rubik's Cube, Realize Childhood Dream
What is a good cube? The result was quickly determined that it would not be stuck or scattered, and compatible with various technologies. This product will meet your needs at once. Powerful performance, cost-effective APP allows you to easily acquire new skills and realize your childhood recovery dreams.
3. Design of mobile magnetic module
Automatic positioning, light and smooth movement
Built-in strong magnet can automatically align the dial. The innovative design of the mobile magnetic module brings a stronger magnetic attraction, just like the BGM itself, which cannot be stopped in the beginning.
4. Structural design of high-performance racing cars
More precise rotation and more stable elasticity
The innovative segmented extension shaft and bimetallic bushing greatly improve the verticality of the six shafts and the rotation accuracy of the center block. Combined with the new integrated design of the intermediate block and the elastic system, the elasticity of all six sides remains stable and consistent. Players are free to adjust the tightness as long as they can disconnect their hands as quickly as possible.