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product information

product name:Pro-XylaneTM Patches Anti-wrinkle firming eye mask spec:10ml *7 Product efficacy:Smooth wrinkles、Dilute black eye、Relieve eye bags、Lock in moisture

Main ingredients


Nicotinamide 、 hyaluronic acid


Honeycomb golden film + Soft carbon black film Simulated SPA micro-pressure heat induction method Honeycomb golden film:Reduce essence volatilization Keep warm and moisturize the eyes Soft carbon black film:360° stable lock essence The skin is delicately attached to the eye area

How to use

STEP1:Gently apply flat After cleansing the face, use toner to adjust the skin condition STEP2:Wait quietly for 15 minutes Take out the mask, apply on the eyes with the golden side up, and adjust the position of the mask according to the eye shape STEP3:Gentle massage After 15 minutes, remove the eye mask and massage the remaining essence around the eye until absorbed (the image is only a reference)

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