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The product consists of 5 sanding accessories, a portable pouch and a nail treasure host, a total of 7 items. colorful package. ABS high-quality raw materials manufacturing.

1. This product uses two AA batteries, and the high-quality motor runs without noise;
2. Designed with ergonomic principles, stylish in shape and good hand feeling;
3. The four kinds of grinding heads can be used interchangeably, which is convenient to use and safe to not hurt your hands.
Instructions for use:
No. 1 Metal Polishing Head--Finish nail corners, thick dead skin, hand calluses
No. 2 sanding head-pointed sanding, for nail corners
No. 3 polishing head-cylindrical sanding, for nail heel
No. 4 polishing head-disc-shaped sanding, making nail cutting more smooth and smooth

No. 5 polishing head-brush the nail surface

Small manicure device, save time and effort for you, easily achieve your beauty
Get your slender fingers in ten minutes
Size: about 16 cm in length
Power supply: Use 2 AA batteries, high-quality motor runs without noise.
Note: The battery cannot be sent due to logistics reasons, the battery needs to be purchased separately, please understand.