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📣 Free Shipping Today Only 📣
📣 Free Shipping Today Only 📣

Color: White

Fan blade material: plastic

Product size: 17x12x17CM

1. With triple function of temperature reduction, humidification and air purification, the wind speed can be adjusted in three levels

2. Silent use process, reduce temperature, environmental protection, no freon
4. Built-in water tank 156ML, once filled, can last for hours
5. USB or AC power supply
6. Power: 10W
7. Air volume: 50 CFM
8. Power interface USB: 5V, 2A, 1A can be used
9. Place of use: office, home living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and home construction area, etc.
Principle: This air conditioner fan has a water tank on the front side, which can add water or ice water mixture or other aromatherapy liquids. There is a liquid atomization device on the bottom side of the water tank. When the fan is started, the atomization device starts to work and the water will be Through the atomization device, and then brought out with the wind, cool na~
Friendly reminder: Please place the air conditioner fan horizontally before adding water, do not shake the body at will, otherwise you are waiting to wipe the table~
Note: If there is water turning during use, please turn off the power first, clean the water in time, and wait for the water to dry before using