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Heighten Product Natural Bone Growth Essential Height Increasing Oil Fast Grow Taller Foot Health Care Product Increasing Height

 Ingredients: Medicine, Poria, Chinese yam, taurine, vitamin A

Effect:   Can stimulate the secretion of pituitary growth hormone, plus promoting the production of bone cell division, to extend the skeleton line closed again to stimulate bone growth, so as to achieve the purpose of the body Grow taller


2-3 times one day ,Take 5 drops of essential oil foot massage, massage must once completed, can not stop halfway, massage pituitary big toe points, each press 100-200 times, stick with the four months

Fast heighten 3 -- 8 cm, break through the age limit, 25 years old still can grow again
Safer than surgery
More reliable than oral products
The new formula, hormone-free
Essential oil produced in the fragrant plant (Aromatic Herbst), not all plants can produce oil, only plants can produce oil containing balsam gland.