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Color: 50PCS Style 1

EFERO Seaweed Collagen Eye Masks Under the Eye Patches Gel Sleep Masks Anti Age Eye Wrinkle Reduce Dark Circles Eye Mask Patch

How to use: 1.After cleansing the face, use lotion to soothe your skin. 2.Take out one sheet of eye mask with tweezers and apply onto the eye zone. You will feel cool. 3.The eye mask can also be used onto other dry parts on face or around nasolabial folds. Your skin problems can be effectively reduced. 4.Remove the eye mask when it becomes thinner after 15-20 minutes.It can be well absorbed by the skin.

Efficacy : Help to moisturize and hydrate skin around eyes, warmly protect skin, make skin full of luster

Function 1. Rich in natural extract , nourishing and moisturizing, help to fade dark circle,edema. 2. Help to solve skin problems around eyes, nourish skin, shape bright and charming eyes. 3. Help to improve dry skin, remove wrinkles around eyes , shape elastic and smooth skin

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