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Large LCD display

Cumulative Kilowatt-Hour Monitor

Power factor

Forecast Your Costs

Calculates electricity expenses

Displays volts, amps and wattage within 3% accuracy

Technical Specifications:

Operating voltage: 230V ac 110V-130V only for US plug

Frequency display: 50Hz

Wide voltage range:  230V---- 250V 110V-130V only for US plug

Operating current:   max 16A

Timing display range: 0 second----9999days

Wattage display (watts): 0W---- 9999W

Voltage display (amps): 0.000A---16.000A

Frequency display: 0Hz-9999Hz

Minimum wattage display range: 0.0W-9999W

Maximum wattage display range: 0.0W-9999W

Price display range: 0.00€/KWH----99.99€KWH

Total KWh and cost display: 0.000KWH----9999KWH, 0.00€----9999€

Our Power Meter Buster is a monitoring and testing instrument which determines the power consumption of a connected appliance and the cost of the electricity consumed.

It enjoys 8 display modes as below:

1. Time/Watt/Cost Display;

2. Time/Cumulative electrical quantity Display;

3. Time/Voltage/Frequency Display;

4. Time/Current/Power Factor Display;

5. Time/Minimum Power Display;

6. Time/Maximal Power Display;

7. Time/Price Display;

8. Overload Display.