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Color: Holiday time cover music

Material: wooden
Building toy type: Assembling model

The cottage is like a miniature version of a real house, so cute! ^_^~
The material of the cottage is like a real house. For example, the cabinet is made of wood, the curtain is made of cloth, and the book is made of paper!
Fully exercise your hands-on ability, almost all the scenery needs you to make it yourself! The fun of the production process is endless!

  This cottage is for you to build by yourself. The raw materials are divided into several small bags according to the material. They can be made in several times. It takes about a few days to complete a finished product (depending on the individual's manual proficiency).
Production instructions:
1. The product package contains detailed production instructions.
2. Create your own cabin mainly by bonding, assembling, sewing, styling, placing and other DIY processes.
3. The glue attached to the product is latex. If you want to do it quickly, you can buy 502 or 101 yourself, but pay attention to the safety.