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Feature for  fingerprint door lock  biometric fingerprint :


1. High performance, low power consumption, embedded DSD processing chip.

2. Use Dual-core chips, industry original technology of code matching from the front end to the back end.

3. World leading optical recognition technology to recognize human fingerprint.

4.Activate lock by touch it, and with password input function.

5.Finger scanning activate the lock support to set many people's fingerprint and remember them by number.

6. Lock body use new stainless steel which can prevent people to distroy lock, it is leading electric lock body.

7.Lock head is hidden style of super B-level and on the bottom, prevent technical opening the lock.

8. Built-in human voice prompt in English to guide user's all operation.

9.Multicombinations protection ways / open the door: Fingerprint + password / Fingerprint 

Instruction for fingerprint lock



Fingerprint+swiping card+password that kind of intelligent lock

module is easy to operate and it’s security coefficient is very high.


Product feature:

·The functions of fingerprint, swiping card and password make

the lock become more safe;

·Password anti-sight function;

·The ways to open door are optional and it also supports opening

door through two fingerprints or fingerprint and password and so


·Multiple functions combine reasonably and the operation is

easy to remember;

·Intelligent voice navigation;



Product application:

·Residential buildings;

·Modern office buildings and school;


1. Brief introduction:

Under the requirement of safety protection and modernization

management, we launch this lock module which adopts advanced

fingerprint identification, non-contact swiping card and password to

open the door and the ways are optional.

2. Product superiority and feature:

·Fingerprint, password are supported to open the door

·The methods to open the door are optional that strengthens the

security of the door;

·To add or delete users is basic on the area code management;

·To open the door through combination, like opening door

through fingerprint+password or swiping card +password and

so on;

·Anti-sight function;

·Power on self test , intelligent identify module function and

match it rapidly, for example, fingerprint+password 

·All of components and parts are international and famous brand

which are stable and reliable;

·The lock module has passed waterproof, damp-proof and

fungus-resistant treatment;

·The lock module has passed low and high temperature,

vibration and aging test.