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Color: 1

Type: False Nail Sticker Tape Color: As shown Weight: 5g/sheet Quantity: 5sheets Package Included: 5*1 sheet Tape Features: 1. Repeatable double-sided nail sticker, 2. Adopt 3M environmental protection double-sided tape material 3. Non-toxic and tasteless, long-term use in the human body without any side effects, 4. Various standard sizes, suit for most people. Suit for green hands,or temporary using false nails,for example, take photos, party, bride, etc. Also suit for who wear contact lenses, in the morning, wear the contact lens, then apply the false nails with sticker tapes. In the evening, take off the false nails, then take off the contact lenses, It's very convenient. How to use: 1. Select a proper size double-sided tape to fit your nails. 2. Apply double-sided tape to the nails and smooth it. 3. Remove the clear film from the top to expose the double-sided adhesive. 4. Stick the false nails onto your finger.