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NET WT:100ml [Main components]: CANNABIS LEAF CERAMIDE

What skin problems can be repaired?

1、Dry skin 2、Sensitive redness 3、Fragile and itchy 4、Dull skin

What are the benefits for your skin?

【Deep soothing Potent repair】 【Fades fine lines Firm skin】 【Even skin tone Radiant skin】 【Deep moisturizing More transparent】

The effects of cannabis leaf and ceramide

〖 cannabis leaf〗 Hemp leaf compound with a variety of plant extracts can repair and improve skin texture 〖 ceramide〗 Ceramide can better moisturize the stratum corneum

Skin care industry new favorite ingredient - marijuana leaf extract「Soothing savior」

The essence of cannabis leaf is the newest skin care ingredient in the United States, Japan, Canada, Germany and other countries, and is known as the "soothing savior"