Silicone Scraper Kit Glass Glue Grease Scraper Nozzle


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1,Made out of none sticky special material.
2,soft silicone trowel.
3,Nozzle Plus set of 3 different sizes radius.
4,Nozzle Plus could fixed firmly.
5,Durable material.
6,Triangle designed stainless scraper for remove exist silicone.
7,Surface cleaning blade.
8,integrated structure.
9,work quickly.
10,simple for mounting and removing.
11,three different nozzle plus fulfill your needs.

Instructions for use:
1,Pushing silicone caulking gun smoothly.
2,Tow the nozzle plus backward.
3,Nozzle Plus can be used alone as trowel.
4,Nozzle Plus is made out of special material.Silicone scrap can be removed
perfectly after it dried.
5,Scraper push forward.
6,Scraper pull backward.
7,Surface cleaning blade.

Package Included:
1 set Nozzle Plus Scraper Silicone Caulking Tools  

Weight 250.0 kg

1 Set, OPP 1 Set


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