Mountain bike mini air pump hand pump



Material: nylon, ABS
Length: contraction 19.5cm, length 41cm
Color: red, yellow, blue, orange, white, gray, black

1, shrinkage 19.5cm, length 41cm
2, put in the bag or hung in the car to carry are small and light, do not increase the burden on the ride
3, using a three-section design, increase the amount of single-compression air intake, small head volume!
4, work fine
5, how to use
6, red, yellow, blue, orange, white, gray, black 7 colors, rainbow-like colorful!
Accessory use:
1, plastic inflatable mouth: all kinds of inflatable toys, air bed, etc.
2, metal ball needle: all kinds of balls, such as basketball, football, volleyball, etc.
3, metal conversion nozzle: the French air nozzle of the bicycle is converted into an American air nozzle
4, air cylinder clamp: the gas cylinder is stuck on the air cylinder clamp and carried with the vehicle.
5, 2 straps: the air cylinder is tied and mounted on the frame


Weight 155.0 kg

Black, Blue, Gray, Orange, Red, White, yellow


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