Magnetic three-in-one data cable



Product name: 540° magnetic data cable
Applicable equipment: Android/iOS/TYPE-C
Product material: aluminum alloy, TPE, copper wire core, LED lamp
Product function: charging
Length: 1 meter and 2 meters
Product features: strong magnetic force, blind magnetic suction automatic calibration and docking to charge, greatly reducing the damage to the mobile phone charging interface because of the number of insertions and withdrawals, magnetic line 1 time = traditional N times, the plug does not need to be unplugged, it can act as a dust plug The role of protecting mobile phones

1-wire three-head set: 0.5M wire+an head+apple head+Type-C head
1M line+Android head+Apple head+Type-C head
2M line+Android head+Apple head+Type-C head

Weight 50.0 kg

Black, Red, Silver


Android, IPhone, Three head, Type C


0.5m, 1M, 2m


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