Landline fixed recording box


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Product size: 56 x 55x30m m
Working voltage: 5V
Transmission method; Bluetooth 4.0
Housing material: ABS
Recording current; ≤25mA,
Sleep current: ≤10uA

Carrier: ios system mobile phone.


1. Automatic registration and automatic answer to phone calls.
2. No operation required when registering, easy to use.
3. Bluetooth connection to the mobile phone, recordings automatically stored in the mobile phone, convenient for managing recording files.
4. Bluetooth should only be connected once, automatically connected next time.
5. Can charge required, no memory card needed.
6. Used with the app, only the iOS version is available.
7. No need to open the application, only need to activate the Bluetooth mobile phone, automatically start the application to save.
8. The recording files can be shared on the computer, sent to QQ / WeChat / WhatsApp / Skype friends directly from the mobile phone.
9. The name of the recording file can be changed, format m4a or wav.
10. Function ASR (voice to text) support.


This registration box can be used for one phone only. If there are multiple phone extensions on a phone line, it will record all additional phone calls. Currently only available for Apple phones.

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