Christmas-Cake-Supplies Cupcake Toppers Frozen Birthday-Party-Decorations Baby-Girl Kids


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Product information:
Material: Paper
Craft: Manual
Prop type: Christmas decoration
Size: glitter paper red (10 sticks), glitter paper gold (10 sticks), glitter paper blue (10 sticks), glitter paper rose red (10 sticks), glitter paper silver (10 sticks), glitter Paper Sapphire (10 sticks)
Gift purposes: points to redeem gifts, business gifts, advertising gifts, promotional gifts, conference gifts, welfare gifts, festive gifts, awards and souvenirs, public relations gifts

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Weight 45.0 g

Glitter paper blue, Glitter paper gold, Glitter paper red, Glitter paper rose red, Glitter Paper Sapphire Blue, Glitter paper silver