Cherry Nucleator Fruit Nucleator Grape Nucleator



Powerful serrated blades: The sharp plus-shaped blades will cut the grapes in mere seconds. Unlike cheap grape cutters, this doesn’t allow the grape skin to stick with the blades so you get a clean and quick cut.
Perfectly shaped pieces: No need of knives to cut the small grapes. It gives equal sized four pieces.
Time-saving: Especially effective for mothers with small kids. It helps to prepare grape salads in less time.
Ergonomic design: Proper grip and ergonomic finger rests ensure you can cut as many grapes as you like in one sitting. The plunger is soft and non-slip.
Easy to clean: As the parts of the cutter can be separated, so you can clean it thoroughly as a whole. It is recommended to dry the cutter fully; otherwise it may rust.

Product size: 16×9.8×28.8 cm
Material:Stainless Steel & Plastic polymer
Color:as shown

Package Content:
1x variant

Weight 320.0 kg



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